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Indian Art, Craft and Photography
M F Husain show presented by Indiaart Gallery


M F Husain show presented by Indiaart Gallery

The exhibition of M F Husain's serigraphs organised by Indiaart Gallery at Pune in 2003 was a big event. There was a large number of invitees who had come over to be able to see the man who seemed to be breaking all price barriers for Indian art. There was huge excitement that had built up for this show. Sure enough a little drama had to precede the show. Two days prior to the big event, I received a message from Mr. Husain's representative that he was at Hyderabad and was unwell so I should be prepared if he did not turn up for the opening of the show. I was certainly not prepared to accept that and told him that I was willing to postpone the show till such time he got better as it was important that the invitees got an opportunity to meet the artist. Fortunately Mr. Husain was able to travel to Pune as scheduled. The event and the show went off spectacularly.

It was fun to watch several high profile and page 3 personalities from Pune jostling with each other for a handshake and a chat with him. M F Husain was a star already and that evening he behaved like a star. He did oblige few fans from the crowd with a handshake and a small chat. Finally he painted his signature on a canvas.

M F Husain's serigraphs continue to be in great demand and since they are limited edition, the price keeps going up every passing year.