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Indian Art, Craft and Photography
Art of Cycling - Combining Cycling and Art


Art of Cycling - Combining Cycling and Art

Combining my interest in cycling and art, I decided to organise cycle rides which will not merely going to a destination and coming back. I found that most cycle rides end up with discussion on the time taken, average speed attained and so on...Most riders are in a hurry to return. Here the objective was completely different. The idea was to ride and enjoy the nature, observe, do some sketching or painting, take pictures or video clips and so on....

This particular ride organised by Art India Foundation on 24th July 2011 was short. We went to the Pune university campus. Headed to the lake there. I had requested artist Raju Deshpande to accompany us. As we settled down near the lake and Raju pulled out his kit of papers and colours, almost everyone felt like doing the same. We had planned this and had carried adequate supply of drawing sheets, pencils, brushes and colours. What unfolded subsequently was simply unbelievable. Right from school children to senior citizens, almost everyone started sketching and painting. Some participants who had carried their cameras did their shooting.

After the sketching and painting session, the most logical thing to do was to head to the university cafe.